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Full feature list


  • Three-stage mic preamp based on the 1290 preamp, the same found in the 1073® preamp and EQ
  • Grayhill 12-position gain switch
  • LINE mode turns the preamp into a line-level processor for adding warmth and depth in mixing
  • LO Z switch for switching input impedance between 1.2k (standard) and 300 ohms.
  • TRIM knob allows for driving the preamp hard without clipping the next device
  • Polystyrene and tantalum capacitors in the signal path, as used in the original
  • Carnhill input and output transformers
  • Front panel DI input. When an instrument is plugged in the mic/line input is automatically disabled
  • On-board regulator sets the power voltage to +24 like the original
  • Fully compatible with the 500-series format


DIY kit

  • Comes with every part needed to complete kit
  • Features step-by-step photo instructions, interactive build map, and component sorting sheet
  • PCB is divided into circuit blocks, with corresponding explanations of each block in the assembly guide


Required Tools

  • Soldering iron. We recommend an adjustable-temperature station. The smaller, pencil-style ones that plug directly into the wall do not have enough power to create good joints consistently.
  • Solder. You can use 60/40 leaded solder or lead-free. We recommend 60/40 because it is easier and more forgiving to use.
  • Wire cutters. A good pair will be sharp and have a fine point for cutting leads down right at the solder joint. Don't use a set of large cutters meant for household wiring.
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 500 Extender any of our EXT VPR, EXT 51X, STEREO VPR or STEREO 51X will work for that task.


*The 73P is not designed or manufactured by AMS Neve Limited, owner of the trademarks Neve®, 1073®, and Marinair®.


73P Class-A Mic Preamp

Excluding Sales Tax
ready to ship by end of July / beginning of August
  • The 73P is an authentic, complete adaptation of the vintage 1073®* mic preamp circuitry to the 500-series format. The 73P is authentic in that it uses only components that are hand-selected to match the original, and there are no changes to any of the preamp circuitry. The 73P is complete in that it adheres to the original, three-stage amplifier design.

    The 73P is an intermediate DIY kit. To successfully build it, you should have some experience identifying basic components such as resistors and capacitors and soldering on circuit boards. We don't recommend the 73P as your first DIY project ever. Check the Required Tools list below to make sure you have everything you need to build the 73P before ordering.

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