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  • runs two full 500 Racks
  • 5 power rails. (3 positive and 2 negative @ 3 Amp each)
  • 40000uF (10000uF per +/-rail) Super smoothing cap bank.
  • LM350 regulators for +V/-V rails
  • TL783 regulator for 48V rail ( Both outputs share the 48V Line)
  • PE and GND connections
  • Custom wound Transformer
  • 115V/230Vac Switch
  • High Quality IEC Connection
  • FULL KIT includes everything needed
  • two seperate fused Outputs
  • XLR connection to 500 Rack
  • LED indication for the Output


This kit includes a custom wound transformer and is ready to start directly.


This configuration enables the powering two full racks with up to 11 effects in a 500 unit. It provides the necessary power supply to ensure all the effects receive adequate power for optimal performance. With this setup, you can easily connect and power multiple effects in your rack, eliminating the need for separate power sources. It simplifies your setup and ensures your effects are powered correctly, enabling seamless integration into your audio system.


Build Docs and schematics

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  • Introducing the DX-VPR, the ultimate power supply for DIY enthusiasts. This power supply boasts 5 power rails, with 3 positive and 2 negative at 3 Amp each. With a whopping 40000uF, the X-VPR guarantees a stable output for your projects. It features LM350 and TL783 regulators, ensuring precise voltage regulation. The custom wound transformer ensures efficient and reliable power delivery, while the 115V/230Vac switch allows for versatile usage. The DX-VPR also includes high quality IEC connection, PE and GND connections, and an output fuses for added safety of your high end gear in the 500 rack. Upgrade your DIY projects with the DX-VPR power supply.

    This configuration enables the powering two full racks with up to 11 effects in a 500 rack.


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