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Stereo Linking Feature

Compressor/Limiter with variable Ratio,Threshold, Release Controls and Switchable Fast Attack

Expander / Gate with variable Ratio,Threshold, Release Controls and Switchable Fast Attack

EXP switch to act as a Expander otherwise it act like a noise gate

Seperate compression and and expansion Gain Reduction Meters

Line Trim +/- 20db after Compression/Gate Circuit (Center Detent)
Original AD536 or MX636 - RMS To DC Converter - As Kit Options.

High quality pots

THAT 1246 In- and THAT 1646 Outputstages


Its running on +16V/-16V in the 500 API Standard/ VPR Rack or in the GDIY 51X Rack


Final Product may vary a little from the pictures


Build Guide and Calibration Guide

All our Build Guides


Audio Samples

Soundcloud DYNX Comparison Test


PriceFrom €284.84
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  • Introducing the DYNX Compressor/Gate - a must-have tool for any audio enthusiast looking to take their sound to the next level. Built in the 500 API format, this device is based on the classic styled 4000 (E10) Classic Compression Circuit, ensuring you get that classic sound you know and love.

    AD536 vs MX636?

    You can choose between the AD536 and MX636 circuits, both of which offer the same frequency range, attack, and release. The AD536 even offers better temperature ratings and comes in a convenient DIP-14 case. Don't settle for anything less than the best - upgrade your audio setup with the DYNX Compressor/Gate today.

    To enhance its versatility in Mixing or Recording scenarios, we have incorporated a Line Output Trim into this Classic Circuit. This addition allows for efficient adjustment of the line output level, ensuring optimal signal strength while preserving the integrity of the audio. With a maximum limit set, the Line Output Trim enables seamless integration with various external devices, providing greater flexibility in achieving the desired sound and accommodating different requirements.


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