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  • 3 power rails. (2 positive and 1 negative @ 1.5 Amp each)
  • 20000uF (10000uF per +/-rail) Super smoothing cap bank.
  • LM317 and LM337 regulators for +V/-V rails
  • LM317 regulator for 48V rail
  • +/-V1 3V to 30V depending on Transformator
  • PE and GND connections
  • PCB measurements 100mm x 80mm
  • Connectors for cables up to 2,5mm²


The EASY VPR can be configured by using a 2x15/18Vac transformer with 100VA capacity to provide +16Vdc and -16Vdc and +48Vdc. We highly recommend a TRIAD VPT30-3330. This configuration enables the powering of a full rack with up to 11 effects in a 500.


The final product may differ slightly from the images shown.


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  • Introducing our EASY VPR, the perfect addition to your DIY audio electronics projects. This versatile power supply is designed to deliver stable and reliable voltage to your circuit, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality. With its compact size and easy-to-use design, it's the ideal choice for audio enthusiasts and DIYers alike. Whether you're building a new amp, preamp, or DAC, our single VPR is the perfect choice for your next project. So why wait? Order now and experience the power of high-quality audio electronics

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