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Compressor section

  • Authentic circuit from the original console
  • Classic attack, release, and ratio settings
  • Four THAT 2181C VCAs for true stereo sidechain like the original
  • Continuously variable pots for precise fine tuning of threshold and makeup gain
  • 25dB of makeup gain
  • External sidechain input
  • Premium components like WIMA caps, Sifam knobs, and authentic meter and switches

Mod section

  • Sidechain high pass filter (HPF) to prevent pumping on sources with big low end
  • Switchable mono-summed sidechain
  • Wet/dry mix control for easy parallel compression
  • Engage transformers for added color and sonic weight, use for color even with compressor bypassed
  • All mods can be switched out for console-authentic circuitry when not using mods
  • Even more mods possible under the hood:
    • Adjust almost any setting:
      • THRESHOLD sensitivity
      • ATTACK/RELEASE times
      • RATIO
      • MAKE-UP gain
      • FILTER frequencies
      • DRIVE amounts
    • Use vintage DBX VCAs
    • Feed-forward mode

Power supply

  • Includes external, high-current (1.5A) power supply
  • Can power another G Bus, Colour Duo, or PR502 via the POWER THRU jack (up to four units total). If you already have a power supply check out the G Bus Extender Kit.
  • Connects to case via 5-pin XLR jack
  • Regulated +/-16VDC and +48VDC outputs
  • Accepts 110-220V wall power


  • 2 Combo XLR/TRS line inputs
  • Powder-coated steel chassis and front panel
  • 1U height 19” rack mount case
  • 1 Combo XLR/TRS external sidechain input
  • 2 TRS line outputs
  • 2 XLR line outputs

DIY kit

  • Comes with every part need to complete kit
  • PCB is divided into circuit blocks, with corresponding explanations of each block in the assembly guide
  • Features step-by-step photo instructions, interactive build map, and component sorting sheet



G Bus VCA Compressor Kit

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  • You can build the G Bus without any deep understanding of electronics or how compressors work. But by the time you're done you'll know a lot more about both. The build is split up into functional circuit blocks (Balanced Input, Attack, Ratio, etc.) and each section in the step-by-step guide begins with an explanation of what each block does and how key components work.

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