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Supply voltage: +/-12 to +/-16V

Matched BC550C input transistors

Quiescent current draw: +/-35mA @ +/-16V

Dimensions (LxW): 28mmx28mm

Gold pins

Standard 990 / 2520 footprint

High current output

Carefully selected quality components throughout


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PriceFrom €19.99
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  • The LX2520 kit is perfect for those looking to build a high-quality discrete operational amplifier themselves. It includes all the necessary components, including pre-mounted SMD components, making it one of the simplest kits available. With this kit, you can create a powerful and reliable amplifier that is perfect for audio DIY projects. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the LX2520 kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build their own discrete opamp.

    The LX2520 is our version of the AP2520 from API.

    Although a mostly SMT discrete opamp may seem unconventional, you can be assured that all the components in the LX2520 have been carefully selected with a no-compromise approach.

    All surface-mount resistors are precision thin-film resistors and all capacitors are precision 1% tolerance types for the lowest noise and distortion achievable.

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