Low-Cut filter : 80 Hz (24dB/oct) – modifiable

Low frequency band : 30 Hz to 450 Hz – Bell or Shelf mode

Low Mid frequency band : 0.2kHz to 2 kHz – full Q Adjust

High Mid frequency band : 0.6kHz to 7kHz – full Q Adjust

High frequency band : 1.4kHz to 14kHz – Bell or Shelf mode

High-Cut filter : 8 kHz (24dB/oct) – modifiable


Maximum 15 dB of boost/cut gain per band (center detent)

High quality pots (TT Electronics and Alps Alpine)

THAT 1246 In- and THAT 1646 Outputstages


Its running on +16V/-16V in the 500 API Standard/ VPR Rack or in the GDIY 51X Rack

Here are some listening samples

Soundcloud SLQ51X


Build Guide
Build Guide


GDIY Help Thread
GDIY Help Thread

SLQ51X Brown

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