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Modul Racking
15 position EDAC Connectors  (500 VPR  operation)

XLR Neutrik NC3 FAV + MAV
DC Link Jumper Pin 6 for Stereo Compressors

Power Supply
4mm Hirschmann / banana connections for all power rails

NC5 MAV 5pol XLR for VPR power supply connection

5 pol 5,08mm Phoenix terminal to connect with other boards

Any multiple boards can build up as a one Lunchbox and share one power supply

We offer also the Case Parts this will include: threaded M3 inserts, M3 Screws, Front and Backpanels.

NO CASE included


Here's the link to our 3d files at


Build Guide

All our Build Guides


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  • The updated 500 STEREO VPR Series Extension includes all the necessary PCBs, parts, and components to construct an Extender for testing and calibrating STEREO 500 VPR series modules. With these tools, you can conveniently test and calibrate your modules while obtaining accurate voltage readings.

    The Adapter is designed to test 500 VPR Equipment in studios or workshops. It features 4mm Hirschmann (banana) connections for measuring equipment and bench power supplies. The Adapter provides various options for connecting power or audio signals.

    To determine the direction in which the module should be plugged in, refer to the instruction manual or look for any markings or indicators on the module itself. Additionally, if you are using a Stereo Module, ensure that the module is DC_Link compatible. If using the module for stereo connection, locate the small jumper that can be set accordingly for stereo connection. Consulting the user manual or reaching out to the manufacturer for assistance is recommended.

    In addition, we offer 3D printed parts for self-assembling a case for the stereo module. The case parts option includes M3 inserts, screws, and front and back panels. These components are essential for constructing the case and ensuring a secure and functional enclosure for the stereo module. With our 3D print parts, you can easily customize and personalize the case to your preference.





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