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The input stage of the THAT1512 provides a gain range of 0-55 dB. The Low-Cut filter eliminates frequencies below 10-250 Hz with a steep 24dB per octave slope. The Level Meter displays the signal level with LED indicators for both the signal and peak levels. High-quality pots from Polyshine and Alps Alpine ensure precise and reliable control. The balanced THAT1646 output ensures clean and noise-free signal transmission.


  • Gain - 0-55 dB  with That1512 input Stage
  • 48V - For Phantom Power Microphones and active DI Boxes
  • Pol - Switches the Polarity of the Signal
  • Input Pad - Enables - 20dB Pad at the Input (Line and Microphone Input)
  • High Pass Filter - 10-250 Hz (24dB/oct)
  • Level Meter - Signal and Peak LED
  • Audio Grade Nichicon Capacitors
  • High quality pots (Polyshine and Alps Alpine)
  • All controls Relay switched - Short signal way
  • Line Inputs on every Channel
  • THAT1646 Output
  • DB 25 Line Output (Tascam Standard)
  • DB 25 Line Input (Tascam Standard)
  • XLR Input / Jack Connector is the Line Input


The power supply has separate rails for different circuits. The audio circuits run on +15V/-15V, while the LEDs are driven with +5V and the relays have their own rail of 12V. Additionally, there is an extra rail specifically for phantom power, which operates at 48V. This setup allows for efficient and isolated power distribution, ensuring optimal performance and functionality of each component.


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  • The TP812 is a high-quality microphone preamp that features both the THAT1512 and THAT1646 op-amps for superior sound quality. It includes a relay-based Pad and Phase switch and a variable high-pass filter for added flexibility. This preamp is perfect for DIY enthusiasts as it comes in a full kit, allowing you to build it yourself. Additionally, it provides 48V phantom power for condenser microphones. Invest in the TP812 and take your recording setup to the next level with superior sound quality.

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