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We use for our cables

  • Neutrik NC5 FXX and NC5 MXX connectors
  • LAPP KABEL products
  • the use of a 500/VPR Rack we offer two options of the cable cross section.
  • lengths up to 1.5m / 5 ft - 1mm² will be fine for power transmission
  • lengths more than 1.5m / 5 ft - 1.5mm² will be fine for power transmission (don't use 1,5mm² for longer cables than 5m)


Female - Female for connecting X-VPR to any 500 Rack

Male - Female to daisy chain up to three X530 Racks


Internal wiring configurations, where each connection is straightforward and direct without any complex routing or branching. This wiring straightforward 1 to 1 in the XLR connector. If you order more than one DIY cable, we send the total length as one piece.


VPR Cables

PriceFrom €15.65
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our power cables for 16V DC and 48V DC are designed specifically to transmit direct current at a voltage of 16/48 volts.  They Neutrik Connectors are constructed with materials that provide good conductivity, insulation, and durability to ensure efficient and safe power transmission. We selected the perfect power cables for 16V/48V DC applications, it is important to consider factors such as wire gauge, insulation material, and connector type to ensure proper functioning and compatibility with the devices being powered.

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