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The X530 offers a convenient and user-friendly solution for integrating 500-series modules into a setup, whether on a desktop or rack-mounted. With its high-current capabilities and straightforward assembly process, users can easily incorporate their desired modules without the need to deal with complex wiring or power sources.


While the X530 is designed with an emphasis on simplicity, it is a full-featured 500 rack.

  • THRU XLR Socket for powering additional racks (power up 3 racks with one X-VPR or a maximum of 11 Modules)
  • LED power indicators for +/-16 and +48v
  • chassis is made from powder coated aluminum.
  • Neutrik XLR and Neutrik jacks
  • FEED feature turns your X530 into a channel strip by patching channel 1 into channel 2 without a cable, or channel 2 into channel 3.
  • LINK - Compressor Link


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  • The X530 is a versatile and user-friendly option for incorporating the flexibility of 500 series modular audio into any setup. Its three module rackmount design seems like a convenient way to expand audio capabilities and enhance creativity in a compact and efficient manner.

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